8 Simple Yet Brilliant Ways to Get Noticed on Instagram


8 Simple Yet Brilliant Ways to Get Noticed on Instagram

The moment you click on your smart device’s Instagram icon, time flies. If you are not spending more than two hours in one go, are you even staying updated with the world around you? The more time you spend over there, the more reach and engagement you are giving to your favourite brand/s. 

Coming to the case- if you are running a business or a brand and looking forward to bank on social media. Then Instagram is your place to be. You must have noticed every brand is at your disposal over there. They are not just promoting their brand offerings but also trying to be one with the trends and topical days. Their main intent includes enticing their target audience, engaging them with their regular activities, building their credibility, and sometimes launching a product, depending entirely on brand values and goals. This is one sole reason why even the best digital marketing agency in the UK is catering to this need of the hour.

But why does Instagram attract you more than any other social media app? Let’s see:

1. Visual Appeal: You cannot deny that Instagram has a greater visual appeal than any other social media app. From high-res images to meticulously edited reels, each content is not just exquisite to look at but also gets you higher reach and engagement. 

2. More Expressive: Instagram is the real-life version of “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Your brand message gets conveyed in a creative manner in images and videos as compared to textual content. It is a creative medium for artistic people and brands.

3. The Influencer Effect: With the influx of people sharing creative content over Instagram to monetise their skills and talent, the platform has become a hub of influencers. They have built a community for their followers who follow these influencers with all their heart and soul. Brands are leveraging this opportunity.

4. Audience Cluster: Brands look forward to connecting with a certain kind of audience from specific demographics, have brand-aligning likes and dislikes, etc. And Instagram is an ideal space to filter your audience and target accordingly. 

5. Social Interaction: A mere ‘like’ on your Instagram story is the social interaction that your audience is participating in. Moreover, they can message you directly, comment on your content, and become a part of a live stream which is all a medium to reach out to you.

The entire United Kingdom has a plethora of firms that claim to be the best social media marketing agency in the neighbourhood. But no one will tell you how to get noticed on Instagram, a super-engaging social media platform. We at SkyTrust believe in empowering brands with the latest trends in the market. It doesn’t matter whether you are our partner or not. So let’s get started!

1. Profile Optimization

To get noticed on Instagram, you have to convey a clear brand message. And to do that, start with keeping your Instagram profile organised and crisp. The more direct and fine it is, the more your audience is likely to stay as your loyal customer. 

2. Consistency is the Key

If you are marking your presence over the social media bomb, i.e. Instagram, you certainly need to be consistent with your content. Post your reels, creative, stories, whatever you do, on a regular basis. It keeps your audience engaged and informed about your brand.

3. Hashtags Matter

Hashtags play a significant role in making your post trending. The right hashtag cluster boosts the chances of your visibility on Instagram. It helps you reach a broader segment of the audience who have a slight interest in your brand offerings and can relate to your posts because of that hashtag.

4. Audience Engagement

You need to engage with your audience on a regular basis as well. For that, you have to respond to comments on your posts, like and comment on other users’ posts (especially those in your niche), and make the most of direct messages to connect with potential collaborators or customers.

5. Collaboration Option

You can collaborate with people or your loyal customers and influencers in your niche, where you can tag them in your posts or reels. You can encourage your followers to engage with your content with likes, comments, reposts, story sharing, or more.

6. Bank on Reels

Video is the real deal maker. The netizens pay more attention to video content than any other format. And reels are here to your rescue. These reels can easily make their way into people’s feeds, thanks to the social media algorithm. So why not bank on it?

7. Giveaways and Freebies

A contest and its rewards entice people to participate in it with zeal. Use the right hashtags like #ContestAlert or #GiveawayContest or something related to the contest which will make your content discoverable and it will reach more and more people.

8. Be the OG

You have to be original with your content and come up with something new instead of done-and-dusted approach. That is not the case with memes and trends though, but creativity is also appreciated in that. The more original and creative your content is, the more relatable and authentic people will find it. It will eventually build your audience and clients’ trust in your brand, and strengthen your credibility. 

Other than these proven strategies, you also need to pay attention to being consistent with your Insta stories, leverage user-generated content (UGC), utilise Insta ads, network within the Instagram community and build relationships with them, and analyse & adapt as per the evolving trends and updates.

ConclusionInstagram has changed the game of social media in the past few years and brands are leveraging the platform to the best of their benefits. That is why a lot of agencies are catering to this need with top-notch SMM and SMO services. And social media wizards at SkyTrust ensure that their meticulously crafted strategies take your brand on a mind-blowing journey of Instagram marketing.

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