Be Every Digital Recruiters Dream on LinkedIn with These 5 Hot Tips

Digital Recruiters

Nowadays, finding a job is not a hard nut to crack as the process has been simplified for the job seeker as well as the recruiter- thanks to the digital world. Platforms like LinkedIn are boon in no disguise, designed to bring you closer to your dream job. Other than connecting with your colleagues and peers in the industry, you can build and join a community of your choice that contributes to your skill development, networking, and portfolio building.

Who Are Digital Recruiters?

This digital age introduced terms like digital nomad and digital recruiter. One has the ability to travel anywhere around the globe if s/he has internet connectivity and the latter can execute his/her recruiting job, digitally. So digital recruiters are basically the individuals who make the most of the social networking sites to get skilled workforce on-board. With a keen eye on potential candidates’ professional details, this modern recruiter makes sure that s/he hires the cream of the industry. And that is why you have to be that cream.

Why You Must Be On LinkedIn?

This social network site is not like any other “connect and chat” platform but rather a stage for job seekers to be their best professional version to get the required attention and further build their careers. It gives you the following benefits-

  1. Professional Branding: By building your profile on LinkedIn to connect with the ideal digital recruiters over there, you are working on intensifying your professional branding. You are not only marking your presence over there but also opening the doors of various job opportunities for yourself.
  2. Achievement Showcase: LinkedIn lets you showcase all your professional achievements along with your skills to the world. From your education and experience to your professional certifications and projects you worked on, you can show it all and build credibility in your field.
  3. Get Recommended: In your diverse network and/or community, you can take the help of your peers and connections, and get recommended. If they are already working in your dream organisation, then their endorsement will be considered genuine and more credible, giving you better chances to score an interview.
  4. Global Reach: LinkedIn is not just about finding jobs in your city or country. You can also reach out to MNCs abroad and boost your chances of becoming a global workforce. Just stay in touch with your connections overseas and keep an eye on upcoming job opportunities on the company pages of your dream organisation/s. 

Stay Informed and Relevant: By staying updated with the industry news and technologies you can sharpen your skills and expand the horizon of your knowledge base. It all will come in handy while trying out new job opportunities.

How to Get Noticed by Digital Recruiters?

To get noticed by anyone on LinkedIn, you don’t need to bank on digital marketing services in London, all you have to do is work on your profile building to get all the needed attention of the digital recruiter. We are sharing some hot tips below for your convenience.

1. Power Oozing Headline

Your profile headline leaves the first impression in the recruiter’s mind so make sure you convey your story the right way. It is your perfect opportunity to tell the potential employer what you will be bringing to the tables if hired. It will also help you appear relevant and interesting in the searches by the recruiters. Along with LinkedIn, this headline also appears on the top results of Google whenever someone looks you up on the search engine.

2. Get Summarised

By this we mean, showcase your education, experience, interests, achievements, and everything professional in the summary section of your LinkedIn profile. This way, potential employers or digital recruiters can notice you at first glance, and contact you for a possible job opportunity. You have as many as 370 words to tell the digital world about your professional life. For this, you have to identify your audience, optimise your summary with relevant keywords, tell your professional story, and bank on all of that.

3. Every Cover Image Has a Story

If you do not utilise the empty space of the cover photo above your display image, it is no less than a wasted opportunity. It is like a snapshot of your professional identity that recruiters will notice at first. You can make the most of your cover photo section by mentioning your skills or achievements or something worth boosting your chances of being noticed.

4. Connect. Engage. Involve.

How many people you are connected to and who are the industry influencers you are following, it all matters for the potential employer. It gives them an idea of your overall professional personality so they can make a sound and informed decision in your favour. To get noticed, you also have to participate in communities and take part in representing your thoughts and opinions on your industry leaders’ posts. Your industrial thought will make you stand out.

5. Endorsement Matters

The endorsement works like a booster where your colleagues, former bosses, and peers can vouch for your abilities, skills, and strength. You do not have to think twice before approaching your connections to endorse you genuinely. Don’t be a persistent bothersome person though. If they agree to bear witness to you possessing a certain skill, then it will strengthen your profile, ultimately building your credibility. 

Conclusion LinkedIn is the only social network that not only lets you boast your professional side but also gives you an opportunity to diversify your career prospects. Our team of social media professionals at SkyTrust also does individual profile building and promotion. So you don’t have to search for digital marketing services in London as we are here to cater to that need. Let’s get in touch to get started.

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